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PICKUP Mandolin Twin Fusion K&K


Passive mandolin pickup with carpenter jack mount. Internally mounted 2-head soundboard transducer. Requires no permanent alteration to your instrument.

From a luthier point of view a pickup mounted to the bridge plate is far more desirable than an under-the-saddle piezo. Having anything between your saddle and your bridge will reduce sound transmission from the strings into the top.  And to my ear as a listener and player the under-saddle pickups don't accurately replicate the sound of your instrument.

Many proprietary pickups which come with some electric-acoustic guitars require a hole cut in the side of the guitar and a chipboard with controls, processing and a battery is mounted in the side. K&K's pickups have minimal wiring and add very little weight to your instrument. And the tone

 K&K is the brand that we recommend most often to players who want quality tone that won't break the bank.

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